Family Law

Post-divorce Modifications


Due to the important changes in the situations of the partners, post divorce modifications can be done. If one of the parents are unable to meet the responsibilities due to some justifiable changes in their lifestyle or financial situation, then they will come back to court for divorce modifications.

Most of the times, divorce modifications occur due to the children custody or support problems, however there are situations which involve a change in alimony provision, agreements of the properties and debt dispersion. During all these circumstances, if the things have modified to a greater extent after the divorce, then the decisions about the issues such as alimony, child support and custody, visitation can be modified even after receiving the divorce. The circumstances of the party requesting for modification should have been altered to a greater extent after the initial order has been made.  In some situations, the attorney will be able to help the parents to come to proper agreements with each other without the involvement of the court. However, certain situations must be resolved only in the law court.




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