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Citizenship and Naturalization

    Becoming a citizen is an important step in the US immigration process.  US citizenship offers unique opportunities to the Legal Permanent Residents.  Our Connecticut immigration lawyers have outlined for you some of those benefits and advantages of becoming a U.S. Citizen:

Only United States Citizens can obtain a U.S. Passport.
U.S. Citizens can reside abroad for longer periods of time, while Green Card holders may have their permanent resident status revoked if they spend extended periods of time outside of the United States or show any evidence of resettlement in the foreign country.
Green cards must be renewed every 10 years for a fee (currently $ 370), while U.S. Citizenship is permanent and does not expire or need to be renewed.
Many countries have waived visa requirements for U.S. passport holders, while Green Card holders with non U.S. passports may have to apply for visas in advance.

U.S. Citizens are eligible to receive additional services and assistance from U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad.  Such services can be critical if you are injured or arrested in a foreign country.
U.S. Citizens do not have to carry proof of citizenship, while Green Card holders must always be able to proof their legal status in the United States by carrying a valid Green Card. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has detained permanent residents who did not have their green cards with them.
U.S. Citizens have the right to vote in the United States.
U.S. Citizens have the right to sponsor relatives and family members so they can immigrate to the United States.
U.S. Citizens cannot be deported, while Green Card holders may be deported in certain cases, such as being convicted of a crime.
Only U.S. Citizens have the right to run for public office.
Only U.S. Citizens can hold Federal jobs at such places as postal office, social security administration and numerous other places.  Federal jobs are available in all major cities and have excellent benefits and salaries.
Only U.S. Citizens are eligible for Social Security benefits and Social Security Disability benefits.
            Being a Citizen of the United States is an important privilege that will provide you with many civil benefits and protections that Green Card holders do not have.
       Please consult with an experienced Immigration Attorney to analyze your goals and situation and advise you on your eligibility to get your US Citizenship.  To find how much it will cost you to file for Citizenship please see schedule of fees at List of Fees.



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